Letter: Build the tennis courts

Why should we build tennis courts on campus when we already have courts in town? These courts will serve the whole community, students and residents alike.

•The lighted courts will be available to all residents, including in the evenings and on weekends.

•The tennis teams will be able to practice and play matches at home with spectators.

•We will save approximately $12,000/year in busing costs.FI-Letter-to-the-Editor

•Tennis will be added to gym classes at the middle and high schools, as well as to after-school activities at elementary schools.

•Kids under 10 will be able to participate in Quickstart Tennis using the scaled-down format on these courts. This USTA (United States Tennis Association) program is designed to make tennis easier for young kids to play.

•Since the teams will be practicing at school, the courts at the Town Park and Fox Valley will be available to residents in the afternoon and town programs can start immediately after school.

Several hundred families and the JJ Boosters Club have donated more than $400,000 to this project. The USTA is giving us a significant grant that may not be available in the future. We should take advantage of these gifts and move forward with this project now, otherwise it is likely that the donations will need to be returned and the district will lose out on this opportunity. Please contact the BOE (board of education) if you agree that this project is a good idea — one that would benefit our children as well as the entire community.

The Burke family

The Crystal family

The Glenn family

The Laub family

The Goldman family

Carl Kramer

The Jahn family

Sept. 17

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  • Lewisboro taxpayer

    Why should we build tennis courts on campus when we already have courts in town?

    1. So we can play more tennis.
    2. So we can play more tennis.
    3. So we can spend $100,000 to save $12,000.
    4. So we can play more tennis.
    5. So we can play more tennis.
    6. So we can play more tennis.

  • Free Lunch

    It’s funny how this pathetic letter never mentions the true cost to you the tax payer. Whether it be local or state funded this tennis court is not free as the above letter suggests. There are future costs we need to take into consideration such as a annual upkeep and future resurfacing costs.

    The sad part about this whole thing is that there’s a very important decision to make about closing 1 or 2 elementary schools and we are distracted by this nonsense.

    Vote this down in the referendum so we can concentrate and hold the BOE accountable for their pending decision.

  • Tennis Courts?!?!

    Tennis courts? Ridiculous! Just so a few families can enjoy it?! We are in a financial crisis in this town. If one dollar of local or state tax money is attributed this this project we’ve failed as a community. We have 3 place that have excellent tennis courts: town park, fox valley and Onatru. With the logic of “we’ll save $12k on travel costs” why not build a golf course behind the high school while you’re at it?

    Priorities citizens of Lewisboro! Vote this down in the referendum so we can focus on closing the right schools.

  • Mike B

    If we keep all four elementary schools open and maintain our property values, then maybe we can consider tennis courts.

  • Makes Sense to Me!

    In this environment having our cake and eating it too is no longer a viable fiscal strategy because it would require tax payer’s money to fund a shortfall.

    If the generous families who raised the considerable sum want to cover the entire cost of the courts go for it. This should also include a fund for future maintenance and resurface costs.

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