Parsons aims to end one-term curse

As Peter Parsons’ second year as Lewisboro supervisor gets under way, so does his bid to break the curse of one-term supervisors.

Mr. Parsons recently received the endorsement of the Lewisboro Democratic Committee as he campaigns for re-election this November.

“We are proud of the job he has done, and our unanimous vote demonstrates our confidence in his leadership for Lewisboro,” said Christina Rae, co-chair of the committee.

Peter Parsons will try to break the spell of one-term supervisors.

Mr. Parsons was elected to the seat in November 2011, when he defeated Republican incumbent Charles Duffy.

The Vista resident will seek to break the spell of incumbent supervisors who have lost re-election bids in Lewisboro. The last two supervisor re-elected to a second term was Democrat Tom Herzog, who was elected with Republican backing in 1997. Mr. Herzog ran unopposed and won re-election in 1999 and 2001. He lost a bid for a fourth term to Democrat Jim Nordgren in 2003. Since then, four town supervisors have been defeated for re-election – Mr. Nordgren, Democrat Ed Brancati and Republican Charles Duffy – or declined to run for re-election (Republican Ed Mahoney).

“People have got to decide they want to break it,” Mr. Parsons said. “There is real value to breaking it. It isn’t that, being supervisor, there is any huge intellectual challenge in a specific area. It is that there are so many areas that you have to catch up on. There are still things that I can’t claim any great knowledge of. I hope there are not too many more of those. There are new relationships that I have to develop, and the town will benefit from having a supervisor who is either not learning the ABCs of the job or running for re-election, and that’s what we’ve had for the job [in the past].”

Mr. Parsons said he has worked at cooperating with Republicans — Town Board members Peter DeLucia, Frank Kelly and John Pappalardo are backed by the GOP — and collaborating with both sides.

“One of the supervisor’s jobs is to manage the process,” he said. “It obviously is better if I can avoid arguments that are unnecessary, so I do my best to. I try to run a smooth board. Obviously that means that we try not to go places which we know people are radically opposed to and we don’t have a majority to get done. Fundamentally, I enjoy it. Seriously, when I look at the towns around us, each of them has a Republican supervisor, but each of them really benefits from the continuity that each of those supervisors has been allowed to have. I’m not saying anyone should have the job forever.”

Mr. Parsons has demonstrated a keen temperament on the job, which is something he pursued in part because of the passion he has for his longtime home.

“I enjoy it,” he said. “For me, I’m not in politics as a career. It does give me a chance to make sure my brain doesn’t fall asleep. It does give me a chance, I hope, to give back to a community that I brought my children up in and that has been very good to me, and I’d just like to make it a little bit better.”

Correction: The Ledger misidentified former supervisor Tom Herzog as a Republican. He was a Democrat who had Republican backing. The mistake has been corrected.

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Jane K. Dove is an independent journalist and publicist working in the tri-state area. A native of Chicago, she is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago and honed her skills as a writer working as associate director of public affairs at New York Medical College. She has reported for the Ledger for three decades.

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  • John Galt

    “Working cooperatively” with the Republicans on the board is one way of putting it. They used their majority to bring some reality to Mr. Parsons’ 17% tax increase proposal and to demand that a proper plan be put in place to repair roads before our tax money is expended. The proposed tree ordinance was a Kafkaesque and illegal law that would have caused unreasonable costs and delays for homeowners looking to take down dangerous trees on their own properties.

    Mr. Parsons was not so much in favor of a two-term supervisor when he went door to door campaigning two summers ago taking advantage of his predecessor’s personal problem.

  • Longtimer

    I would think Mr. Parsons will also have the backing of the Republican party as well, as he allows them to call the shots as it is.

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