Letter: Thanking Kreutzer

It has come to my attention that the judgment and behavior exhibited by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Kreutzer during Hurricane Sandy and the snowstorm that followed have been the subject of negative criticism. As deputy supervisor of our town, I personally spent many hours with Dr. Kreutzer throughout the duration of the event. At all times, Dr. Kreutzer was professional, civil, engaged, and an asset to our town and the population he represents, our schoolchildren and their families.

I would like to cite a particular example of Dr. Kreutzer’s dedication that occurred during the event and impressed me so much that I will remember it forever. After working with the town and NYSEG to get all the schools in the district power, Meadow Pond Elementary School was the only school left without grid power. It needed a very large generator to power the entire facility so it could be safely occupied by students and staff. The generator was secured late in the evening and Dr. Kreutzer was on site, working with the electrician, pulling the large heavy cables down an access vault and into the basement to be wired in to the school. I know this because I was there working alongside him. Meadow Pond was open for the students that morning.

I feel that we are fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional school superintendent who is also not afraid to roll up his sleeves and personally get the job done when it’s required.

Peter DeLucia

Lewisboro Deputy Supervisor

Jan. 22

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  • L Brooks

    “… I will remember it forever.” ??

    Most people I know reserve that kind of sentiment for the birth of a child, not for dragging cables around.

    Town officials may continue to come out of the woodwork to heap on the praise, but the silence from the schools is deafening.

  • kl watcher

    I wonder how many “thank you” letters he will get when the KL district steps up to settle the most recent lawsuit?

    Spending taxpayer dollars recklessly. If the facts are studied, the lawsuit was levied before the employee was charged by Kreutzer. Retaliation, abuses by the KL system, hostile intent………Americans with Disability violations, ignoring requests to meet with HR……..

    The list is endless and the witnesses plenty.

    We should all be attentive to the fiscal costs. Kreutzer may well be pissing this money away.

  • Alice C.

    Peterson is writing a book in all her free time-paid time OFF. A non-fiction tomb titled: Napoleon comes to Kat-Lew and leaves us in Ruins.

    • james Reba

      How about the book written bt the Katonah Lewisboro Teachers Union titled:
      We came we saw we conquered , with the preface written by Sandra Grebinar.

  • Carol Stillman

    My GOSH Delucia is all over the place. Every time I turn on LCTV it is “ALL DELUCIA ALL THE TIME”. Every time I open the Ledger it’s Delucia running his mouth off in nearly every issue. Then the board meetings he won’t stop talking. 8 years of this southern county slimy windbag is enough already. AND HE IS RUNNING FOR A 3RD TERM!!!


  • Sean Harris

    Where are all the minions? Just how long is this BOE going to deny the facts. Pissing KL money away.

  • brutus

    Calling Dr. Kreutzer who is not very tall ” a Napolean” sure is a grown up way for the Union to make their point that a $154k a year Health Teacher with summers off is underpaid.

    • Sean Harris

      It is a figure of speech – a simile

  • Taxes and Turning

    Carol Stillman is a fictitious name. Calling Councilman DeLucia “southern county slimy” is another cowardly and cheap move. It is a classless epithet.

  • Taxes and Turning

    “Carol”, why don’t you eat some doughnuts, drink some Reisling and calm down with the over-the-top rhetoric. You are not doing any favors for the reputation of your sycophant or his nice family.

  • Carol Stillman

    Why Thank you for pointing that out. My name is Carol Stillman and I have lived in Lewisboro for 3 years. So perhaps you should identify yourself. While I have yet to register to vote, you can bet I will be registering and voting in this election.

    Taxes and Turning is a real name?

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