Letter: Commending Kreutzer

It has been brought to my attention that the whereabouts and deportment of Dr. Kreutzer during the hurricane emergency has been the subject of some controversy.

In the 18 years I have lived in Lewisboro and my past term on the Town Board, I can recall no superintendent more committed to, and visibly involved in, our community than Dr. Kreutzer.

During, and in preparation for, the emergency Dr. Kreutzer attended and participated in the sometimes tense and contentious planning, staffing and update meetings. He exhibited grace and good humor at all times. His perspective was judicious, helpful and wise.

Moreover, he, and sometimes his family, attended at the emergency operations center multiple times per day, just to see if they could help out. He did this in addition to personally appearing at, and checking on, physical facilities of the school district. It is to be noted that these forays around the district were not without some personal risk in the early going.

Dr. Kreutzer’s community involvement was an extremely welcome development. He brought a superior analytic ability and wealth of knowledge to our meetings. He was, at all times, an active advocate for the school district’s — and most importantly — the children’s interest in safety, security and return to normalcy.

I must reiterate that this is the first time in my memory that we have had such active community participation by the district superintendent in the town. This is a very welcome development. Dr. Kreutzer is at all times invited to sit with our board as adviser and friend.

Frank Kelly

Town Board member

Jan. 22

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  • reeve1

    This letter, written by a Town Councilman heavily involved in local emergency management and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army reserves, sheds some welcomed light by blowing apart one of the drummed up recent allegations leveled by the Teacher’s Union against Dr. Kreutzer.

    When I think of all of the great teachers in Katonah Lewisboro leading our children in classes that teach philosophy, civics, ethics, history and political science, how embarrassed they must be at the behavior of their Union’s leadership.

  • L Brooks

    Wow a rare triple crown! A regular columnist, a guest columnist and a letter to the editor all coming to Dr. Kreutzer’s rescue and all in the same issue. I haven’t seen the print edition of the Ledger yet, but at this rate I won’t be surprised if I find a full page ad in it proclaiming him the Lewisboro chapter of the National Organization of Women’s “Man of the Year”

  • Kevin Proskin

    Must in in return for the letter in last week’s Bedford Record Review. Hail, Hail – Kreutzer is here. NOT!!!!!

    • Lewis Boro

      It is important because the K-L district only employs 2 instructional staff that are African American/Black American and Peterson is one of them. And Kreutzer has harassed and caused immeasurable stress due to his negligence in investigating any personnel complaints. The lawsuit claims discrimination from several angles. Perhaps there has been covert racism too?

      Mr. Proskin remember this comment on January 14, 2013 ?

      Are you aware that Ms. Peterson is WHITE? Next time verify the talking points before you look more foolish than you already are.

  • Kevin Proskin

    She has a Black child; hence, making her family and herself Black (in the eyes of the law). Do some research.

    • Lewis Boro

      That is the best laugh I have had in a long time. Keep advocating for the teachers union you make them look like even bigger fools.

      • Kevin Proskin

        It is you Lewisboro who is speaking out of turn.

      • Andy

        Lewis Boro – did you do your homework and realize that it is YOU who wears the fool’s cap?

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