Investigation is in order

I was dismayed to hear of the Katonah-Lewisboro District Teachers Association (KLDTA) loss of confidence in Dr. Paul Kreutzer’s abilities as superintendent of schools. I was also dismayed to hear that their voices were silenced during a so-called public forum portion of a board meeting. I don’t understand how listening to faculty concerns about Dr. Kreutzer can be construed, as Mark Lipton, president of the K-L board of education characterizes it, an ambush.

I believe that Dr. Kreutzer’s previous employment history is important in the assessment of how he is conducting himself here at Katonah-Lewisboro. And I believe that an independent objective investigation is in order to examine the very serious charges of sexual harassment. If there has already been a settlement, the district taxpayers have a right to know where their money went.

Jeanne Markel

Katonah, Dec. 18

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  • Richard Morrissey

    A full investigation is in order. How about the BOE, Kreutzer, Hayes and Godin all be investigated? Clearly, they are all named in a recent lawsuit. Read the BOE minutes carefully. Does any one know what the lawsuit claims?

  • Mary Scharff

    The BOE needs to be investigated. They are all named in a lawsuit and the Superintendent appears to be leading the charge. A valued socIal worker has been bullied, harassed and charged with all sorts of things. She has been documenting everything and now Kreutzer has made complaints that restrict her freedom of speech. He is a bully. He has tried to silence those who speak out, he had abdicated his own responsibilities by leaving district grounds during a snow storm, and now he is using the social workers documentation of he Harrassment and retaliation she has experienced to support having her dismissed. Everyone in this community needs to be concerned. A BOE that sees documentation as “insubordination” is putting everyones well being in jeopardy. This is wasting money. There has not been a substitute hired while the employee is out and programs have been sacrificed. Our children deserve better. Our staff deserve better. Clearly, when staff speak out or speak up there is retaliation by Kreutzer and the BOE.

  • John Pinto

    Apparenlty, multiple letters of complaint were written about Jess Godin’s behavior and the district never looked into those complaints.

  • brutus

    This is a pathetic attempt at conjuring up a vast conspiracy. The school board and administration never see eye to eye, except they are uniterd in their uniform fear that the Teachers’ Union’s intransigence will ruin our schools. Stop with the wild, unsupported allegations and agree to bring your salaries and benefits in line with the more affluent districts that surround us which themselves can barely pay at that lower level.

  • Dean Travalino

    The only ones afraid of retaliation are young teachers and parents, and from the Union not the BOE! Ask yourself, whose inability to deal with reality has caused the lay-off of young teachers? Who bused-in out-of-town activists to make a zoo of a school board meeting? Who dressed their members in black to protest at elementary schools in the morning traumatizing young children? Who recklessly repeated a web of old, rehashed, unfounded and discounted charges at a televised public meeting against a school district employee living in town with his young family?

  • Evan S.

    Who has accused a staff person of Child Abuse and did not report the incident to the police? Who has created a climate of hostility within the building at KES? Who can not treate any written complaint without cling it insubordination? Who has never internally investigated any complains? And what does Kreutzers family have to do with anything? His wife decided to move here. She has her own free will. This hostile climate will only further bring down out property values and prohibit people from wanting to move here. What do you make of an administrator who makes false accusations? What do you make of an administrator who accuses an emigre of Child Abuse and does not follow the law? That is a crime. What of it were your child? What do you think of an administration that does not investigate complaints brought to the attention of HR? What do you think of a person making complaints then being accused of insubordination and no administrator ever conducted an investigation? Or even spoke with the staff person? Does Kreuzer think he is above the law? Or does be splu believe he walks on water? He acts like a bully.

  • Matt F.

    It is hard to dispute the fact that a napoleonic bully (Kreutzer) and his minions (BOE members)- delivered charges to the individual on Administrative Leave- just three days before Christmas. That is a fact. They had 15 months to file charges and they did not. But rather, they planned and chose to initiate this 3 days before the holiday. This is hostile and cruel.

  • Lia.ianuzzi

    I do hope that she gets to call witnesses. At KES our faculty witnessed Jess Godin’s hostile behavior numerous times. And it was clear to many that Jess Godin avoided communication with Ms. Peterson. Jess Godin often asked other staff to ask Ms. Peterson for information or to tell her things.

  • Lewis Boro

    It would seem the the school district is nothing but a group of rumor mongers. It also illustrates the emasculation of the American male by turning them into was women.

  • Lewis Boro

    In the previous comment is not was women bur wash women.

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