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Has anyone noticed the irony of two articles on the front page of the Dec. 13 Ledger?

In one, it is stated that the backers of the John Jay tennis courts are confident they can raise $375,000 by May to start construction in the summer. In the other, on the town budget, some members of the Town Board feel the town cannot afford to spend $235,000 for road repaving and $62,000 for highway equipment repairs. Think about it.

Al Koehl

South Salem, Dec. 17

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  • brutus

    Yes! Are you offering to donate to courts or roads?

  • RKJR

    I think the point is, those interested in their kids having a nice place to play put money towards that or can find donors, meanwhile road paving and repair, which benefits the entire community, gets cut from next year’s budget. As a parent in the district, I’m all about paying property taxes for providing quality education. But it’s also time for the entire community to make sacrifices. Time for teachers to make concessions in their next contract, and time to keep up our town’s maintenance. And parents who want sports for their kids need to pay for it themselves or get donors – don’t expect the school district to pay for fields, coaches, other related costs. Don’t get your kids into college with their athletic accomplishments, make sure they get in with their academics. Tax dollars need to go to maintaining our town and towards school instruction. If there is money left over, then maybe at that point, some extracurricular costs can be absorbed by taxpayers.

  • brutus

    Good points, RKJR, but just because the school has wasted money over the years does not mean the Town should do the same. Patching up some roads in Vista and Goldens Bridge to placate the supporters of the current administration does not justify building a $250,000 a year slush fund into the budget.

    The administration’s “sky is falling” argument is absurd. Each year the Town paves using CHPS money from the State. There is an annual maintenance budget. The main roads we rely upon in Lewisboro are all State highways that are paved and maintained by the NYSDOT not our local highway department.

    Road paving and storm control projects are capital expenditures and should be treated as such. We need professional consultants to identify the true needs and develop a plan for addressing them. If the need is real and the plan sounds the voters will approve a bond to take care of this.

    Interest rates are at record lows and the town’s overall debt load of $14 million is modest by comparative standards. An additional bonding will not hurt our credit rating and might actually help it. But a continued structural deficit in the budget, continued high tax increases and increased delinquencies most certainly will,

  • MK1811

    That’s the beauty of private funding–the tennis courts are not an expense that needs a vote–all it needs is to be approved and then the fundraising can begin! Doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.

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